Tuesday, June 10, 2008

దోస (Dosa)

Dosa is one of the popular dishes in South India. Every house in South India have dosas as Breakfast as it is easy to prepare and also delicious. Though I know many of them know how to make it, I put here in database for those you do not know to prepare it.
Preparation time ([days] hrs:min): 12:00
Cooking time ([days] hrs:min): 00:10
No. of servings: 6
List of ingredients:
3 cups urad dal / మినప పప్పు
9 cups rice
1 cup thin పోహ ( చిన్న అటుకులు )
1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (మెంతులు)
1 tablespoon salt(ఉప్పు according to taste)
Cooking procedure( chaese vidaanamu) :
soak ural dal with fenugreek seeds in a bowl and rice in another bowl for 4-5 hrs. Grind urad dal, fenugreek with salt into a fine paste. Now grind soaked rice into a fine paste. mix the above in a big vessel and cover it with a light lid. Keep it in a warm place for atleast 6 hrs(basically overnight). Next day, mix the mixture well to release air bubbles after fermenting.

Now take a tawa and heat it., spread little oil on it. Then pour the mixture with a big spoon in the form of dosa. apply oil over dosa and turn it when little brown. Remove dosa when both sides are golden brown. Dosa ready !!!
Storage Tips:
The Dosa mixture should be kept in refridgerator. It would be good if used within 5 days.
Additional Info:
Dosas goes very well with Tomato chutney, coconut chutney, పప్పుల chutney and other different kinds of chutnies.

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