Tuesday, June 10, 2008

మిర్యాల రసం

మిర్యాల రసం
This is one my favourite rasam made by Mom. It goes well with many other dishes and it is good for health.
Preparation time ([days] hrs:min): 00:10
Cooking time ([days] hrs:min): 00:10
No. of servings: 6
List of ingredients:
1 lemon size tamarind
1 teaspoon జిలకర / cumin seeds
2 teaspoons మిర్యాలు / black pepper
1 teaspoon ఆవాలు / mustard seeds / sarson
5 pieces garlic
3 dry red chilli
10 leaves కరివేపాకు / curry leaf
1 teaspoon coriander
salt to taste
1 tablespoon oil
Cooking procedure:
Soak Tamarind till soft and make 3 juice adding 2 glasses of water.
Grind coarsely half quantities of cumin seeds and garlic and mix in the tamarind juice.
Grind Black pepper and add to the juice. Add Salt according to your taste.
Heat oil in a vessel and add remaining cumin seeds, mustard seeds, garlic (chopped into small pieces). Let garlic turn little brown and then add red chillies and curry leaf. Now add the tamarind juice and stir well. Add coriander and bring the rasam to a boil. Do not boil too much. See that bubbles comes up for two times and remove from heat and serve.
Storage Tips:
This Miryala Rasa can be stored in Refridgerator and heat it before using.
Additional Info:
This goes well with Mudda Pappu( Thiyya Pappu), Beerakaya Curry, or simply with the Rice.

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